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Irish GAA Stamp showing man with Hurley - 50th anniversary of GAA in 1934

GAA Poc Fada Camogie All-Ireland Championships 2023


GAA Poc Fada Camogie All-Ireland Finals 2023

PosTeamAn GabhlánCeann ScríbePosition
112 (24.5m)24 (5m)1
213 (63m)27 (60m)2
313 (61.5m)28 (37m)3
417 (46m)32 (41m)4
516 (2.5m)33 (22m)5

Note: Scoreboard compiled from scores in GAA Poc Fada Facebook Post – For Official Result please see link in Reference [S-1]


Leading by a single poc (12) at the halfway stage (An Gabhlán), Cork’s Molly Lynch won the GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland Camogie Finals in County Louth by three pocs (24 in total) from second-placed Susan Earner of Galway (27 pocs). Cavan’s Emma Mulvaney took third place on 28 pocs. Katie McCormack (32 pocs) represented Tipperary and Dublin’s Hazel Austin (33 pocs) represented Leinster. [References: S-1]

Stock Image of GAA Stamp Showing Hurler

Irish GAA Stamp showing man with Hurley - 50th anniversary of GAA in 1934
Irish GAA Stamp Showing Hurler with Hurley/Hurl and Ball on 50th Anniversary of GAA in 1934 [References: IA-1]

About GAA Poc Fada

Having a similar origin to the Scottish game of Golf, Poc Fada is an Irish Gaelic Sport, mentioned in the Ancient Annals of Ireland, where players attempt to hit a sliotar (ball) with a Hurley / Hurl up a mountain and down the other side in as few pocs (pucks) as possible. The winner is the player who manages this feat in the least amount of pocs.

In the Ancient Irish Myths and Legends Setanta was invited to a feast in County Armagh, and to keep his mind occupied he used his hurl to hit the ball over the mountains in County Louth, catching the ball before it landed on the other side. He continued with this until reaching Armagh. The All-Ireland Finals are held each year in County Louth in honour of Setanta.


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